Course Introduction

To be a good dialysis technician, you need to know a lot of clinical and technical information—like how to set up the machine properly, respond to alarms, and maintain a clean germ-free environment.

The clinical information is important—but there is much, much more to being a caring, competent dialysis professional. Providing competent care to individuals with End-Stage Renal Disease requires a great deal of effort on your part. You must be technically sound in your ability to provide all the necessary aspects of a dialysis treatment, such as canulating fistulas, caring for catheters, taking medical histories, providing accurate education about kidney disease, and managing a patient’s needs while receiving a dialysis treatment.

In order to provide excellent care for your patients, you need the skills that will be discussed in these 3 modules. You need to be professional, have a clear understanding of the patient experience, and be willing to meet the needs of your patients whenever possible. Your patients rely on you to help them manage their kidney disease and the more you understand about other aspects of patient care, the more effective you will be in helping your patients.

This 3-credit course covers the non-clinical information you need to know to work well with your patients and to provide the best possible care. You can view each of the 3 presentations separately–FREE. To earn 3 CE credits, you will need to view all 3 presentations and take the quizzes (the presentations cannot be taken separately for CE credit). Go here to learn more.