About Life Options

Life Options is a multi-faceted program founded in 1993 to help people live long and live well with kidney disease. Program elements include research, evidence-based education for patients and professionals, outreach, and advocacy.

On Life Options, visitors can find a wealth of free educational materials. Individualized advice and support are available via a toll-free resource center phone number. The Life Options team also works hard to influence policy and clinical practice on behalf of people with chronic kidney disease.

Life Options is unlike any other program in the kidney community. A powerful combination of vision and pragmatism, it is the only long-term, evidence-based initiative dedicated to improving outcomes by empowering patients to take an active role in self-managing their own health.

Life Options program is a program of the Medical Education Institute, Inc., a mission-driven non-profit 501(c)(3) private operating foundation dedicated to helping people with chronic diseases learn to manage and improve their health. Visit Kidney School™—our comprehensive online education program for people who want to learn how to manage and live with chronic kidney disease (stages 3–5).